Shipping is a vital process that involves managing the movement of materials, information, and resources from one point to another.

Its primary purpose is to fulfill the needs of both customers and businesses by efficiently transporting goods from the point of production or storage to the customer’s doorstep.

In the industry, shipping is often synonymous with logistics, as it encompasses the entire process of acquiring, storing, and transporting goods and materials to their ultimate destination. This comprises various activities, including inbound shipping (receiving goods) and outbound shipping (sending goods).

For Sendam, inbound shipping involves transporting goods from the UK, USA, Ghana, and China to Nigeria while outbound shipping requires sending items from Nigeria to 230+ locations worldwide, irrespective of whether the sender is a supplier/vendor/manufacturer, etc.

In this article, we provide further details on both shipping processes and why business owners need to leverage our inbound and outbound shipping services to expand their supply & clientele coverage to international markets.


Inbound Shipping

This entails sending goods from overseas to Nigeria. This can be a herculean task for many businesses as logistics challenges pose a great threat to their operations.

With GIGL, however, we enable businesses to ship from four countries into Nigeria.

Imagine being able to ship items from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, China, and even Ghana to Nigeria, thereby expanding the clientele of your business.

Logistics makes it possible for you to break into international markets while growing your business.

Outbound Shipping

With outbound shipping, you can send items out of Nigeria to reach and retain your international customers in over 230 locations globally.

If you’ve been looking for ways to send your products outside the country while incurring minimal and affordable costs, think Sendam Logistics outbound shipping services.

We are Africa’s leading logistics company and we make logistics seamless for small business owners, retailers, wholesalers, and pretty much anyone in need of our services.

Why You Should Leverage GIGL’s Inbound and Outbound Shipping Services

Without a doubt, you can’t develop a strategy to scale your business sales and marketing without thinking about logistics.

Logistics is a core factor that can determine the success of your marketing strategies.

When you reach more customers and invest in both inbound and outbound shipping for your business, you’re well on your way to recording significant business growth.

Of course, expansion is the natural trajectory of any successful business. This is why you should leverage Sendam’s inbound and outbound shipping services to expand your clientele and cover international markets.

Sendam Logistics offers tech-enabled logistics services that allow you send items to over 230 locations outside Nigeria and expand your business reach. In the same vein, you can ship items from the UK, USA, China, and Ghana to Nigeria.

You need not bother about processes like packaging, order tracking, seamless payment, and/or efficient delivery. GIG Logistics will cover all these with tools that can automate order processes and keep tabs on your products as they move in and out of country borders. In addition, you’ll be getting your products swiftly and in one piece.

Lastly, using Sendam’s inbound and outbound shipping services enables you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. In other words, when you expand to markets where your competitors do not operate, consequently, you would have a first-mover advantage, which allows you to build strong brand awareness with your customers outside your home country.

Remember, Sendam Logistics can help facilitate the global expansion of your business with a seamless inbound and outbound shipping solution. But not only that; we can help you build a strong brand awareness in over 230 locations across the world.


Whether inbound or outbound, shipping is an integral part of supply chain management, resulting in the timely delivery of goods and materials to the final destination. Its goal is to provide the right products, at the right time, in the desired quantity and condition, at the right place and price.

This goal is at the core of  Sendam Logistics’ mission – to help businesses curtail their logistics challenges and improve their business outcomes.
To get started, ship your items at any of our experience centres closest to you or download the GIGGo App today.

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