We have the resources and capabilities to ensure you receive the right shipping solution at the right price. Additionally, our carrier network helps us provide you with competitive prices and on-time performance, making every customer experience outstanding. With the extensive land network, we cover over 1500 communities.

Haulage company in Lagos Nigeria

Our Haulage Services

Less Than Truck Load

This is a deferred economy service (72 hours & above) for parcels of 50kg and above. We pick up or receive items over 50kg or less than do not require express delivery (less than 78 hours) consolidate and ship to locations nationwide.

Full Truck Load

This service is designed for full truck load as the name implies. A vehicle is dedicated for this transaction for the client for delivery nationwide, we offer full truckload services for different vehicular capacities ranging from light weight vehicles (1 ton -14 tons), medium weight vehicles (15 tons -29 tons) and the heavy weight vehicles (30 tons and above).

Transformational Cross Docking (TXD)

We are one of the best haulage companies in Nigeria that offers TXD. TXD is a dedicate logistics service with an additional charge where shipments from multiple providers are immediately received, broken, and staged for one or multiple outbound shipments to end customers based on specified order details. It includes performing additional value added services such as repackaging, labeling, etc.

Major customer benefits from TXD:

  • Usage of synergies between more than one supplier on inbound shipments as well as on outbound transportation (à horizontal transport collaboration).

Our Value Proposition for Transportation Management
We manage your packages to meet specific distribution requirements so you can better meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

We manage your end-to-end solution that’s optimized, multi-modal and door-to-door.

Features of Our Haulage Services In Lagos Nigeria

  • Review and analysis of your supply chain
  • Haulage and logistics
  • Relocation services
  • Order administration
  • Corporate haulage and Domestic courier
  • Shipment planning and management
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Invoice and report generation
  • Internal transportation management administration, applications and IT support.